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Die Trophäenjagdzeit läuft vom 1. Februar bis zum 30. November. Im Dezember und Januar ist die Trophäenjagd geschlossen. Gejagt werden darf nur in Begleitung eines registrierten Jagdführers, Meister Jagdführers, oder Berufsjägers.

Ethical Marketing Practices for Hunters

The Posting of Hunting Photographs on Social Media

In today’s modern world of instant communication and distribution of photographs and other images, life has become a lot easier when it comes to the sharing of experiences. At the click of a button the entire world can share the wonderful scenery and wildlife that is so abundant in our beautiful country.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to social media and the reaction that images can provoke. When sharing photos, you potentially share images with the world and, as with any society, these images will be viewed with differing reactions and opinions. This is especially true of Conservation Hunting where a great portion of the world’s population is unaware of the benefits that such selective hunting offers to conservation at large. Hunting is often misunderstood and therefore the un- or misinformed public can easily be swayed and influenced. Hunting images can be viewed as controversial and, as a result thereof, elicit a negative reaction from the viewer. It is for this reason that the hunting professional and his or her client must, AT ALL TIMES, be cognizant of the potential reaction that any images might cause and consider this whenever posting on social media.
Namibia cannot afford any opposition to hunting, as it is dependent on responsible
hunting for continued conservation through sustainable use, as per Namibia’s

This brochure has thus been published with the above consideration in mind, in order to both protect the hunting professional and hunter, as well as to inform and educate the general public as to the benefits derived from Conservation Hunting, both in terms of conservation, as well as the benefits to the Namibian society.

Hon. Pohamba Shifeta
Minister of Environment and Tourism


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