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Travel Namibia

Country Overview

Come lose yourself in a land as vast and big as the sky. A place where the mountains are made of sand and the plains stretch to an endless horizon.

Tourism Information

Where the quiver tree speaks of the dawn of creation and the game roams free from the intrusion of man. Come to NAMIBIA and find a land of never-ending discovery!
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Main Tourist Attractions

Namibia has sights, sounds, aromas, tastes and emotions in abundance waiting for you to experience. From the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean, to the dusty plains of the Kalahari; awesome contrasting landscapes, the spectacular vistas of the geological formations in Damaraland, the colourful palette of the monumental dunes near Sossusvlei and the lush green vegetation of the Caprivi.
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What to bring

Light, cotton clothing in olive green or sand colors is recommended for hunting. Well-fitting boots, warm pyjamas and sweater/parkas for cool nights and mornings. Please note: Camouflaged clothing is permitted only in the hunting field in Namibia!
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Useful links

Please find a selection of useful links, for the Namibian tourism and hunting industry.
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