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20.08.2020 16:05 Alter: 2 yrs

Management of Guests Protocols Toolkit

Tourism Governance and Regulatory Efforts
Post Lockdown occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic, it becomes critical that good Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s ) be implemented and enforced to ensure a safe travelling environment and to protect our guests, our people and Namibia against further outbreaks or contagion. The Namibian Tourism Board, closely following the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on this matter, would like to propose the following SOP’s for the various sectors in tourism, together with the private sector industry and all other relevant stakeholders. This is a Living document which will keep being updated as the
impacts and / or risks of COVID 19 become evident.

Proposed Guidelines for Operating Procedures for Tourism Entities post COVID 19 lock down.
The Namibia Tourism Board believes that the Guidelines and Protocols will provide confidence in our source markets to travel to Namibia and allay any
reasonable fears of both the guests as well as staff and management that there is concerted awareness and action towards a safe and hygienic working space for the tourism industry. It must be re iterated that such measures shall remain flexible and dynamic to suit the diversity in service provision and
environments in which tourism operates. It is also important to avoid making tourism sites too clinical, as this negatively affects the ambience and nature of our business [Read more]