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21.02.2019 14:36 Alter: 3 yrs

Social Media Guidelines

A quick guide to ethical marketing practices for hunters.

Currently Namibia is he epitome of balanced land use and a healthy environment. Wildlife - and all-natural resources - are utilised sustainably and are integrated with other rural livelihood activities for the benefit of the people and the land. Hunting in Namibia contributed directly to this.

Hunters are nature lovers who seek to adopt sustainable and ethical hunting methods that contribute towards conservation strategies, with the aim of protecting wildlife and its habitat. Hunters have an inherent interest in serving as protectors and custodians of wildlife populations.

NAPHA's Code of Conduct clearly states our intent to secure the industry for current and future generations, as well as to ensure sound and ethical social, business, hunting and environmental practices at all times and our recommendations serve to further this aim.

With this pamphlet we provide guidelines to hunters when representing our proud hunting collective.

Download our Social Media guidelines here.