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NAPHA’s Commitment

NAPHA is committed to support the development objectives of Namibia as contained in Vision 2030. NAPHA works in close collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Namibia and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (hereafter MET) in particular, to ensure that hunting makes a significant socio-economic and environmental contribution to the country.

NAPHA is part of a community who strives to ensure that natural environments are maintained by implementing the principal of sustainable utilization and sees itself as an integral part of the tourism industry in Namibia.

NAPHA is a member of the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations (hereafter FENATA) and fully supports the work of the Namibian Tourism Board (hereafter NTB) to promote employment creation and economic development through tourism.

NAPHA is committed to maintain the tradition of hunting and the use of hunting as an essential wildlife management tool.


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