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The Benefit of Hunting with a NAPHA Member

You have dreamed about hunting in Africa for a long time. You have been planning for months to visit Namibia as a trophy hunter. People talk about the best-kept hunting secret on the African continent. You read about the land of contrasts, the wide-open spaces, the abundance of free roaming wildlife, the never-ending hunting opportunities in Namibia. You were confused about the choice of an outfitter, the best time to hunt, the packages offered, the services rendered. You have therefore drawn comparisons and have contacted references... At last, you make your final decision, the final preparation starts - you are on your way to live your dream...

You have made sure that your passport is in order. You have booked your flight (after numerous communications with your potential outfitter about available dates). You checked and re-checked your ammunition and firearm / bow equipment. You have applied for a visa well in advance, you have compiled your list of "things-not-to-forget". Your credit cards are in order and your foreign currency is in your wallet. You are finally on your way - well prepared... ARE YOU?
NAPHA members
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Have you checked the most important aspect of your hunting expedition, "Your Outfitter" ?

Have you made sure that he/she is a NAPHA member? If you have not, remember, it is never too late to change!

NAPHA wants to ensure your comfort and enjoyment while hunting with a NAPHA member. NAPHA is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence related to every aspect of your hunting excursion. Therefore, it is important for Namibia to see you leave as a HAPPY and SATISFIED trophy hunter.

Protect your rights

Trophy hunters to Namibia can eliminate misunderstandings and clarify any confusion so as to fulfil their expectations and avoid disappointment by taking the below mentioned aspects into consideration.


Your outfitter should compile a contract or agreement to be signed and mutually agreed upon prior to your arrival to Namibia. Aspects which should be clarified, are the following: hunting area, hunting method, qualification of hunting guide/ master hunting guide/ph, hunting duration, prices, game species, services rendered and whether additional costs, for e.g. transfers are included or excluded, the cancellation of the hunt, deposit, etc.


Due to the fact that NAPHA considers YOU, the trophy hunter as important as you consider your mounted trophy, NAPHA certificate and medals, so has NAPHA appointed an Ombudsman to handle all written complaints against NAPHA-members. Complaints could vary from:

  • Unethical hunting aspects
  • Impairment of human rights
  • Unlawful hunting practices
  • Violation of a contract / written, mutual agreement or malpractice

Jürgen Matthaei
Tel + 264 81 124 4774
Email : info(at)

Procedure for Lodging complaints

It is your right as a trophy hunter to Namibia to lodge complaints with NAPHA (relating to aspects of your hunt), which have occurred during the duration of your hunting excursion in Namibia. Unfortunately NAPHA can only deal with written complaints against NAPHA members. After a written complaint has been lodged, the Ombudsman will conduct an investigation, after which feedback will be provided to the complainant.


Our purpose is to refine and perfect the quality of NAPHA Members, now and in the future. NAPHA would be most grateful if you would assist us by reporting positive and negative incidents. Your assistance is just an email away. 


While care has been taken to ensure that information contained in this page is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of this information.